“How to Property” is the result of a long and frustrating journey of multiple failed attempts to break through the barrier of Property Investing.

My inability to become a Professional Property Investor was never the result of lack of trying, but rather due to a shortfall of practical knowledge – knowledge which cost me hundreds of thousands of rands and many frustrating years to acquire.

My main goal with this programme is to teach and equip other property enthusiasts with the necessary knowhow to also become successful Property Professionals, but in a much shorter time and with far less mistakes. This programme will not only teach you where to find the best deals in your area, but also how to get the best finance – or even better, how you can buy a property without needing finance in the first place.

Are you the right person for this programme? “How to Property” is aimed at the first-time Investment Property Buyer, although some of the information I will share will also benefit the more experienced Property Investor. The right person for this programme will be someone who not only wants to learn more about the subject of property, but who is also willing to follow the guidelines and take action starting today. The big difference between a Professional Property Investor and someone who wants to be one does not lie in the start-up capital available (or the lack thereof). Rather, it’s the knowledge the Professional Property Investor possesses that makes the difference. If you know things other people don’t, you can do things other people can’t.

Now that you know you are the right person for this programme and you are ready to learn more so that you can earn more, let’s get down to business.

After each chapter you will have the opportunity to make some notes and do some practical planning to help you get from where you are now to being a Professional Property Investor as quickly as possible. I would highly recommend that you take your time on this and really think how you can use the information you’ve just learned to get to where you want to be within a year’s time.